• I have changed the lists of shows to tables
  • Duplicate shows have been removed
  • New shows added:
  • 1 new show for 1978, 1 new for 1985, 1 new for 1986, 1 new for 1989, 1 new for 1991, 3 new for 2001, 2 new for 2002
  • I still have a lot of 86-87 shows to track and post
  • I changed my mind and decided to post 2017 Live soundboard tracks. They can be found here
  • $105 has been donated so far. $163 is needed ($96 for WordPress hosting + $18 for the domain name + $49 for Amazon Drive) to keep the site up and running for another year.
  • Amazon drive has been paid for another year.
  • This website will expire on September 21st if we can’t raise the last $58, but the Amazon Drive links will remain active until next year.
  • I will be changing most URLs in the next week to make thing easier and more natural, so if you bookmarked anything, it may need to be updated.

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