New Shows & Quality

A longtime collector has generously shared his Tom Petty collection with me containing roughly 100 shows from 1972-2003.

I should have the first batch up later this week.

Stay tuned!


I have gotten a lot of emails about the quality of some of the shows on this site. For some shows, I was only able to find them in MP3 format and not FLAC. I figured it would be better to have MP3 than nothing at all. I’m always looking to upgrade the shows in MP3 to FLAC, and if I find a higher quality source, I will do so.

For those of you looking for shows in mp3 format and not FLAC, there are plenty of free programs out there that will convert FLAC files to MP3, though I strongly recommend AAC over MP3.

I personally use several different programs for this.

Hope this helps…..


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