Happy New Year!

Hello again. This is just a small update before the new year. 

  • 1985/06/16 link fixed
  • 1991/11/24 source 1 added missing files in Amazon Drive
  • 1994/10/02 source 1 link fixed
  • 1994/10/02 source 2 link fixed
  • 1989/07/22 Mountain View, CA AUD upgraded from MP3 to FLAC
  • Added 1987/09/10 Basel, Switzerland AUD 

I am putting the finishing touched on “The Bootleg Series” now. It should be up by the new year. 

This is what I have coming very soon:

  • All “The Bootleg Series” volumes with new tracks
  • DVDs of Toms 81, 89, 91, 94 and 99 SNL appearances, including the rehearsal from 89
  • DVD compilation of Toms TV appearances from 94-96
  • DVD of a PBS broadcast of the Fillmore 99 show
  • DVD of a documentary called “going home”

Happy New Year!


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