1977/06/14 Clgn, Germany PRO DVD source #4

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
June 14, 1977
WDR Studio-L
Cologne, Germany

I got this off eBay years ago. The seller claimed this belonged to Beck at one time, but who knows if that is true or not.

This is the 4th source for this show, and it’s not the best one circulating but I’m tired of storing all these old VHS tapes, so I’ve digitized them and here it is.

Enjoy. (Or check out the 720P HDTV Remaster of this show, it’s much better quality)


01 – Intro
02 – Surrender
03 – Jaguar And Thunderbird
04 – American Girl
05 – Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)
06 – Breakdown
07 – Listen To Her Heart
08 – Strangered In The Night
09 – I Need To Know
10 – Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
11 – Dog On The Run
12 – Route 66
13 – Shout