40th Anniversary Tour (2017)

The table below shows all currently available from the 40th Anniversary Tour. They are separated by date. The “Download” link on the far right column will give you detailed information on that show. On that page there is a “Download” link at the bottom that will take you to the Amazon Drive folder containing the files. From there you can download the files individually or download the entire folder as a .zip

2017/04/22Dallas, TXAudienceDownload
2017/04/22Dallas, TXAudienceSource #2Download
2017/04/27Atlanta, GAAudienceDownload
2017/05/02Austin, TXAudienceDownload
2017/05/05West Palm Beach, FLAudienceDownload
2017/05/06West Palm Beach, FLAudienceDownload
2017/05/10Champaign, ILAudienceDownload
2017/05/12St. Louis, MOAudienceDownload
2017/05/27Napa, CAAudienceDownload
2017/05/30Morrison, COAudienceDownload
2017/05/30Morrison, COAudienceSource #2Download
2017/06/02Kansas City, MOAudienceDownload
2017/06/07Columbus, OHAudienceDownload
2017/06/16Newark, NJAudienceDownload
2017/06/24Pasadena, CAAudienceDownload
2017/06/29Chicago, ILAudienceDownload
2017/07/02Canandaigua, NYAudienceDownload
2017/07/20Boston, MAAudienceDownload
2017/07/23Baltimore, MDAudienceDownload
2017/07/29Philadelphia, PAAudienceDownload
2017/08/22Berkeley, CAAudienceDownload
2017/08/22Berkeley, CAAudienceSource #2Download
2017/08/28Berkeley, CAAudienceDownload
2017/09/21Hollywood, CAAudienceDownload
2017/09/21Hollywood, CAAudienceSource #2Download
2017/09/22Los Angeles, CAAudienceDownload
2017/xx/xxVariousSoundboardTP Radio & HDTV RipsDownload