2010/10/07 Phoenix, AZ AUD

Finally made it… 

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 
The Center at Phoenix, AZ 2010-10-07 

Track List: 
Disc ONE 

  1. Listen to her Heart (cut) 
  2. You Don’t Know How it Feels 
  3. I Won’t Back Down 
  4. Free Fallin’ 
  5. Oh Well 
  6. Last Dance with Mary Jane 
  7. Kings Highway 
  8. Breakdown 
    TRT: 0:42:28 

Disc TWO 

  1. Band Intros 
  2. Jefferson Jericho Blues 
  3. Good Enough 
  4. Running Mans Bible 
  5. I Should Have Known It 
  6. Learning to Fly 
  7. Don’t Come Around Here No More 
  8. Refugee 
  9. Running Down a Dream (cut) 
  10. American Girl* 
    TRT: 0:42:28 

Tascam DR-100 @ 96kz/24-Bit > Pro Tools LE > WAV @ 44.1khz/16-Bit > FLAC except * 

  • – Sony Cam @ H.264 > Extracted Audio in Pro Tools > WAV @ 44.1khz/16-bit > FLAC > MP3

It was third times the charm for the twice post-poned Tom Petty show at US Airways for the MOJO Tour. Petty and the band, seemingly as always, delivered a solid show top to bottom. Recording is solid though it’s a Petty show, which means singing along by the crowd on some of the bigger hits. 

I had a complication at the beginning so I missed the first part of “Listen to her Heart,” it fades in, and my batteries (after recording both Chuck Berry and this) died early on in “Running Down a Dream” so that’s cut, and then the audio for “American Girl” is taken from my back-up source, a Sony cam, so the audio isn’t as deep and crisp as the rest, but it’s better than nothing! 

Artwork Included 

For those looking/hoping for the Chuck Berry opening act portion, it’s up as it’s own torrent already!


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