1978/06/20 London, UK PRO DVD

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
BBC TV Centre
Shepherd’s Bush

First Broadcast: 1978-06-20 BBC 2


Performance Mainstreet Satellite rebroadcast > DVB-S > Hauppauge Nova-S > DVBviewer > .ts >
VideoRedo > DVDLabPro.

Adverts removed at:
12:23 (during audience applause, brief audio dropout and slight jump in video)
(during a portion of audience applause prior to American Girl – removed in this edit)

Video : PAL 480 x 576 @ 25fps. 2307kbps
Note: This resolution is VCD, not DVD-compliant. (That’s how it was broadcast).
However, it will play correctly in many DVD players.
Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Logo : Mainstreet
Audio : MPEG1 layer 2 48.0 kHz @ 128kbps

Menu with Track Selection
(Menu lists American Girl but it is identified as “removed”;
it is not selectable and neither is it present on the disc).

  1. OGWT intro
  2. Bob Harris intro
  3. Anything That’s Rock & Roll
  4. Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)
  5. I Need To Know
  6. Breakdown
  7. Listen To Her Heart
  8. You’re Gonna Get It
  9. American Girl (removed – released on OGWT Volume 1 DVD)
  10. Strangered In The Night
  11. Shout
    Total Time : [37:01:17]


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